We’ve been away for a little while. Thursday was Michaels birthday and we celebrated by going on a mini cruise to Oslo. Dinner and a nights sleep on a ferry. 8 hours visit in Oslo and then dinner + sleep again. We are back home.


I remember Vilja wearing that orange sweater -just the other day. but in another lifetime.  Michael is fixing the ceiling light of the workshop and as you can see hiding in the back of picture no 2 is Viljas new room. Small but good.


Seems everything around here needs a cleanup. Vilja and I went though her clothes recently and sorted out what no longer fits. Then she made this pretty neat system for her underwear dresser. And said: NO THANKS mum. I don’t need any help with the drawings!!!



We have made a promise to Vilja that her new room will be ready by the time she gets back from Anders place on Monday.  Luckily we have a little handyhelper around.

Almost done mowing stuff from the apartment. but not at all done with piles of mowing boxes and mess that shouts for attention…


…and while Michael is busy in the workshop. I am working on something entirely different (as much as I can with the kids around -that is)…. this may give you a hint. but you have to wait a while to see how it will end up…



This is a peek at Michael and Viljas new project. As I have told you earlier we still have quite a way to go with our house construction. The first floor still looks like this and we still sleep like one big circus family in the living room.

But my workshop is big and Michael got the idea to build a room for Vilja in there instead. She needs a place to escape from Kornelius who is constantly interrupting what shes doing… and it’s always good to be able to get away from silly adults. She of course choose a pink princess-theme for her new place.

The wall was but up yesterday. The door today. And tomorrow we’ll work on some paint and wallpaper, she and I.


The tivoli shop is closed down and we have moved most of the boxes and furnitures from the apartment. Tomorrow is the first day in many many weeks where we can stay in the beach house from we wake up until we go to bed.

We have looked SO much forward to this moment.

Vilja is here. She and Michael has made plans for an exciting new building project tomorrow. I’ll let you know more soon.