Thursday night

Thursday night was really good too.  Anders and I had sushi and I got to play with my toys.

This is suppose to be our dining room lamp.  I made it from a plastic glass.


  1. Reply
    Morten July 25, 2008

    Its black, its white, Yayayaaa..

  2. Reply
    lea July 26, 2008

    very inventive with the plastic glass becomming a lamp…it’s really impressive how you can make doll house look a like furniture from these things..

  3. Reply
    Morten July 27, 2008

    What would be more impressive though, would be to make a house look real with doll furnitures. Now there’s a challenges.

  4. Reply
    brinja July 29, 2008

    I’ve given it alot of thoughts and Yes that’s a challange!

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