A bracelet and a pair of earrings



Do you like these?

PS. I got tagget by Susi today! I’ll get back to that later…


  1. Reply
    Katherine June 9, 2009

    Love them both!

  2. Reply
    srg85 June 9, 2009

    That little babushka dog is the most adorable fella ever!

  3. Reply
    alice June 9, 2009

    yes, they are cute :)

  4. Reply
    epe June 10, 2009

    i love these! so cute! :)
    ps(thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!)

  5. Reply
    Rynke June 10, 2009

    Haha, so cute! I don’t really wear jewelry though…

  6. Reply
    Sigga June 11, 2009

    Hurra, hvor er de fine!

  7. Reply
    jessica June 18, 2009

    love that bracelet.

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