A long day with sushi in the end…





Phew… even though today was the day I was suppose to be free as a bird -I ended up working all day long. The floors in the shop was all done this morning, so Lea, Anders and I have been busy painting walls and rearranging everything in there.

I’m not done yet, but so far it looks great! At the end of the day I was to tired to take any pictures -maybe tomorrow!

Anders and I treated ourselves with a nice sushi dinner in the backyard when we came home…

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


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    srg85 June 1, 2009

    Hey birdie! I know you’re exhausted today but once you’re done with the store you won’t have any regrets! Looking forward to seeing the new floors!

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    Sigga June 4, 2009

    Kan kun sige nam, nam….

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    wow that sushi looks so artistic, i wouldn’t mind some…

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