Unfortunatly I have very little blogging time these days so still just alot of pictures. I guess it will be like this most of December.  Hope you’ve all  had a great weekend!











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    mette/ungt blod December 9, 2008

    looks. so. good. must. eat. chocolate.

  2. Reply
    lea December 9, 2008

    looks so good! mmmm chocolate

  3. Reply
    famapa December 10, 2008

    hi brinja, just wanted to say that I’ve just had a lovely time going though your whole blog! so much talent! your dolls house is amazing, what a great hobby! what will you do when it’s finished?

    and yeah, this post right here has gone and made me hungry, right before my bedtime… hmm. I’ll be back!

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    Morten December 10, 2008

    mmmmmm is this, by any chance, for this Thursday????

  5. Reply
    Morten December 12, 2008

    It was!! and it was amazing :D
    famapa: you really missed out on something.

  6. Reply
    brinja December 12, 2008

    Hey Famapa, Thanks you so much, That makes me very happy!

    About the dollhouse… Hhmm, right now I cant imagine it ever being finished, so far I have spend over a year on it and I’m far from being done…
    Also I keep re-decorating my home so I guess the same goes for the miniature…

  7. Reply
    brinja December 12, 2008

    And Moten,
    Great to see you both last night, glad you liked the chocolat!

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