An oldie but a godey

The funny thing about fashion trends is that sometimes when something becomes a big hit like “buffalo’s”, earmuffs, skulls or bordaux coloured lipstick, it seems to loose its magic and no matter what, you can never  look at it again with the same eyes as before…. The hairband situation accually started two years ago,  I made some with bows, like the ones on the picture. They were really popular, but the “bow thing” became a massive hit all around town and I stopped making them when I saw something that looked like them in H&M.  Then my plan was to make something that worked like them, but different, and I made the flower hairband, witch became even more succesful.  Now, lately I’ve had costumors asking for the bow hairband, so I made them again and now they are back in the game! The buttom line is, that rarely a fashion trend survives being a hit and still works after  “the storm” -If it does, it can accually get even better after a while. I think the bow hairbands might have survived….


  1. Reply
    lea September 18, 2008

    great post..i’m loving the bow-hairband and the one i have in particular.

  2. Reply
    Anders September 18, 2008

    Personaly I favour the bow-ones, but as chief accountant I must admit that the flower hairbands went straight to the top!

  3. Reply
    brinja September 18, 2008

    I can’t dicide witch one I like the most…

  4. Reply
    Morten September 19, 2008

    You don’t have to.

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