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birthday dress birthday table

birthday buns

My baby girl is a big girl now. 5 years old today! she wore the same dress when she turned two look.


IMG_6914 silly siblings living room beach house living roomcoffee Stillinge Strand glitter tree

My pc has been out of function for a while. but I think I’m back on track now (fingers crossed) Here’s a few of the pictures I haven’t been able to post this week.

Vilja and I made the easter-tree last weekend. Pink leaves and glitter :) Michael is in the coffee shop working day and night. Things are getting so pretty there.




Sunday skype meetup with our favorites. Life is good.


Ej  blot til lyst

toy theatre

vintage puppetshop

Selling ice cream will probably never make me a millionaire. So it’s a good thing my kids likes old (=cheap) toys just as much as I do. Found this theater in a thrift store the other day. Vilja LOVES it!


Stillinge strand

Stillinge strand Stillinge strand

nr 8

Stillinge strand cherry field

1.Morning in the kitchen. Kornelius wakes up the whole family early   2-3.SPRING   4.this little handcart and I run back and forth from one end of the garden to the other many times a day brake in the sun   6.the old parking lot / now upcoming garden.


Stillinge strandstillinge strandStillinge strandStillinge strand   brinja


chickensalad tv dinner

Vilja started kindergarten a new place recently. it’s a great place near the beach house and she is so so happy about it. when summer comes Kornelius is next. Good stuff :)

I almost can’t imagine what to do with all that children-free time coming up…. hopefully tons of ice cream and coffee!


Stillinge Strand Leftovers Michael Rosenblad Stillinge beachStillinge StrandStillinge Strand

Behind Cirkus is


pink isbar Stillinge strand

Iscafe Stillinge Strand


Stillinge strand

Stillinge Strand isbar

cirkus is og kaffe

At night when the kids are asleep. I turn on the baby alarm and go to the backyard to see Michael and the whole construction side we have going on. At the moment the circus caravan and the coffee bar is both under renovation. We don’t have much time to get things done our opening day is March 28th… we look so much forward.