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house and café apple tree

I have had some technical difficulties with my blog lately and I haven’t been able to post for several days. Luckily my amazingly brilliant big brother came to my rescue today and things are perfectly back on track. THANK you Niller!

Meanwhile I’ve made this overview of our home/garden and café. It’s for my sweet old grandma. She lives far away from us and has not been able to visit us yet. We talk on the phone and I send her pictures of things we do. but she is so confused about what is what and what is where on our property. I understand why she’s confused. I hope this will be helpful.


long hair

clematis short hair

I barely look myself in the mirror after I’ve moved out of the big city and into a life of constant garden-work/house-building-projects/workshop time or taking care of the café and oh, the kids :) …and yes; I do wear my all time favorite ‘Granny O’ knit nearly every day now (first pic)  …so yesterday was a real treat for me. I got a haircut as you might see and a few hours of me-time, no kids and no duties.


mornings frikadeller


cirkus is og kaffe

chokolade softiceOur house

The chocolate/vanilla combination is my very favorite ice cream at the moment. It’s a rich valrhona-chocolate soft ice and it’s seriously good stuff. On the last picture you can see our house from the window of the circus-truck.


Kornelius henshouse project

Circus caravan


japanese pear tree

behind the circus coriander pleace at night

Today was a big day for me!!!

We work on the house and in the garden everyday before we open the shop. but we never have enough hours in a day to do all the things we would like to do… the stock-room behind the circus is done and our cherry-field project is running along just as it should. Michael made a picket fence around it to keep out the deer. he also made us a new garden gate. our guest house is beginning to look like a guest house and new trees and bushes are planted. On pic 1 you can see a japanese pear tree we planted a year ago.

Today though was the beginning of a long wished for and very exciting new project ( …for me anyway)   PROJECT HENS HOUSE. YAY…


stillinge strand

Danish lunch

Granny O knit



It feels so quiet here on the www and so busy in the real world… sorry for neglecting you.   The weather here in Denmark is amazing these days and people want ice cream :-)

Vilja and I threw a little party Saturday. for all her cousins and their parents. I love to have my siblings close. Good times. Last picture is the youngest member of our family my brothers son Edvard.


Stillinge strand

stations ur

This old clock finally found it’s place today. Anders and I bought two of them 100years ago… remember?


playhouse dinner to go

Michaels dinner brought to the backyard where he can still take care of the cafe. The kids and I eat in the kitchen. but as soon as it gets warm enough to eat outside we all eat together.


My kids

I have so few pictures of the kids and I …I am the only photographer in the family. But today. when we had a quiet moment in the cafe. Michael captured this.

thank you so much for your sweet comment on the car yesterday! I’m glad you like it.