Back home…

We arrived home yesterday afternoon and had a little birthday party in the evening -Anders was the center of attention:)


I’m looking so much forward to a Sunday with time to catch up on all your lovely blogs and with lots of yummy leftovers from yesterdays party.  I have over 900 unread posts in my google reader waiting!!!

Tonight is “Harry Potter” night…


  1. Reply
    srg85 July 18, 2009

    Mmh, that cake looks yummilicious! Have a lovely Sunday =)

  2. Reply
    yukes July 18, 2009

    such cute candles!
    What kind of cake is that? Did you make it?

    I hope you like Harry Potter! : )

    • Reply
      brinja July 19, 2009

      Yukes: Yes I made the cake.. It’s three layers of cake with fruit, chocolate and wiped cream in between:) It was yummi…

  3. Reply
    rudegirls July 18, 2009

    Tillykke til Anders. Dejligt at have jer hjemme:)

  4. Reply
    Gabbi July 18, 2009

    The cake looks delicious,
    adorable candles!

  5. Reply
    parisa mahmoudi July 18, 2009

    Best wishes to Anders! :)
    Have a nice time

  6. Reply
    epe July 19, 2009

    all the best for him!
    beautiful cake, looks delicious!

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