Back in Berlin

16-07-09 105skal

16-07-09 125skal

16-07-09 167skal

16-07-09 256skal

16-07-09 219skal

16-07-09 288skal

16-07-09 289skal

After five days in Warsaw last week Anders and I made an impulsive decision to go back to Berlin for a while. Niller, Lea and a friend of ours called Troels was also in Berlin for holidays -and to pay  K  a visit.  Somehow meeting friends in another city is like a breath of fresh air…  For Anders and I this vacation is almost over, but boy; it has been so so good.  And after what feels like oceans of time away from my shop, my sisters, Susi, my mini-home, my own bed and my bike -I am really looking forward to come back home!

Lea has posted some great Berlin picture – Clik here to see!


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    leabolvig July 16, 2009

    fine billeder : ) det var rigtig hyggeligt at i kom forbi berlin igen. kan især godt li’ vaske tæer billedet : )

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    hey, i’m glad you had such a great time in berlin! am now back myself and will finally start posting again soon on mostly berlin. have put up a couple of pics of my venice/france trip up on my other blog which maybe explain the long absence…

    happy coming home to copenhagen! :)

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    brinja July 16, 2009

    Lea: Ja -det bliver ikke meget hyggeligere end et fælles fodbad:)

    Kristina: Welcome back!

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    srg85 July 16, 2009

    Man, it looks like you guys had a blast. Lots of cosy hours. Your baby (the boutique) and I can’t wait for you to come home, though!

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    epe July 17, 2009

    welcome back brinja! :)

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    Maike July 17, 2009

    these are so nice and personal photos. it is great that you share this small but always so imporntant moments, that make the holidays so special.

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    Emilia July 17, 2009

    åh det ser dejligt ud!! Tror lige jeg tjekker et par hotel priser dernede.. Jeg vil også afsted :-)

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    parisa mahmoudi July 17, 2009

    Welcome back,dear Brinja! :)
    G,I love all of your pics!They are full of life and passion.I’m so happy you and Lea had lovely time!Did you go to an Iranian restaurant for eating Kabab(first shot)?!

    Have a nice weekend

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      brinja July 19, 2009

      Parisa: Thank you so much Parisa. It was a Turkish resturant I think! A great one…

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    lina July 17, 2009

    i love these photos brinja! looks like loads of fun. i especially love your(?) shirt in the top photo!! lovely.

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      brinja July 19, 2009

      Lina: thanks alot! The shirt is new, I found it in the childrens department in H&M -it was on sale so it was VERY cheap…:)

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    rudegirls July 18, 2009

    Hihi Ser for lækker ud den mad:) Ihhh hvor i hygger. -Sjovt at jeg er med på billede nummer 3!

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    rudegirls July 18, 2009

    Du har fået lyse striber i håret!!!! Det er det…

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    Sam July 20, 2009

    Gee! I’m so jealous you can just pop in to all those fabulous citires like that! In Australia it is like flying to the moon visiting Europe! Looks like you had a blast!

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    […] make from scratch. I was lucky enough to find it as a fairtrade product in a small shop in Berlin. It is made only from recycled cans by streetkids in Cape Town.  I did customize it a bit though […]

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