Dinner with family and friends last Tuesday. Anders made us fish soup.

I have been looking forward to this Tuesday for a long time. I’ve been invited to go see the “New york city ballet” in Tivoli and I am very exited about it.


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    BB September 2, 2008

    Har i ikke flyttet om på møblerne? Det ser rigtigt hyggeligt ud.

  2. Reply
    brinja September 2, 2008

    Jo, vi har flyttet lidt rundt på det hele. Det er ved at blive rigtig godt, men vi er ikke helt færdige.

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    ne September 2, 2008

    great fish soup and great company!

  4. Reply
    lea September 2, 2008

    mmm it was such a nice fish soup

  5. Reply
    Morten September 3, 2008

    It looks cosy. Also it looks like niller has an invisible helmet on!

  6. Reply
    brinja September 3, 2008

    Morten, you are such a funny guy!

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    Morten September 10, 2008

    How was the ballet?

  8. Reply
    brinja September 10, 2008

    The ballet was wunderful. A bit to long, but wunderful!

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