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Brinja København -The movie


Two girls from this school came by my shop today and made a short movie about “Brinja København”. Their task was to make video-guides that shows their favorite place in Copenhagen. -What a compliment:-)

When they are done editing, I will post it here on the blog for you to see!

Also; this Danish blogger wrote some pretty nice things about the shop the other day…-Go here to see…


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    Susi May 6, 2009

    oh my god, brinja, this is sooooo exciting =) can’t wait to hear more about that! what an honor!

  2. Reply
    ne May 6, 2009

    oh, brinja – you’re so popular!

  3. Reply
    brinja May 6, 2009

    Susi: Yeps, quite an honor!

    Ne: Hihi -yes I am:-)

  4. Reply
    lina May 6, 2009

    wow! that is fantastic:] can’t wait to see it!
    i wish i could visit your shop, but for now that video will have to do!

  5. Reply
    Katrine May 6, 2009

    Congrats with the movie – I’m excited to see it.
    That hairband the girl on the right is wearing – is it one of yours? It looks fabulous!

  6. Reply
    Rynke May 7, 2009

    So nice for you!! And I like the headband a lot too :)

  7. Reply

    […] 25, 2009 The “Brinja movie” is here… but I’m such a dork, I can’t seem to figure out how to post it directly […]

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