Busy Tuesday

Home grown apples and vegies from the garden on Samsø.

In my own kichen garden a chili pepper is on it’s way. Now I have one green tomato and one green chili.


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    lea August 19, 2008

    oh they look so good! and sounds exiting with the chili pepper : )
    mine is still only plant.

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    Morten August 20, 2008

    Oh what heavenly feast could not emerge from this battery of vegetables!

  3. Reply
    Sussi August 20, 2008

    what is the green thing?

  4. Reply
    brinja August 20, 2008

    I don’t remember the name but it’s related to squash. I can’t find it in my food-cyclopedia either…
    I have to ask my dads wife, she’will know!

  5. Reply
    ago August 21, 2008

    And certainly she does. It is called a Zappalito, and on the seeds sachet (frøposen) they also call them winter squash. The meat is more orange-yellow than the usual (summer) squash. So much for botany for now.

  6. Reply
    brinja August 21, 2008

    See… told you!

  7. Reply
    brinja August 21, 2008

    Thanks Olsen.

  8. Reply
    ne August 22, 2008

    olsen knows it all

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