Bye bye Berlin -hello Warsaw!




I have only been on vacation for 6 days and already I have no idea what day or time it is… my blog routine is all messed up as well, internet access has been very limited for me so I’m sorry for my lack of answers to your comments.

I went from Berlin to Warsaw by train which is a seven hour journey. I shared the compartment with an American/Polish/Jewish klezmer musician from New York and a  self-proclaimed business man from Poznan, an odd collection of people that made the hours  fly by like a snap… the journey was a blast.

After running around Berlin for five days I’m trying to realax a bit and get some drawing done for fall collections -I have tons of ideas and my bags are packed with pens and paper but I have a hard time concentrating. Hopefully it will be better soon, maby it’s just the summer heat.


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    oh blonde ambition July 7, 2009

    Wow! Hope you’ll enjoy your visit in Poland! And if you happen to have some time, visit Gdansk and Sopot, the most beautiful cities at the seaside :)

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    Sam July 8, 2009

    Sounds so fine! Good luck with your fall collection! I’m sure you’ll find heaps of inspration in Poland!

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    srg85 July 8, 2009

    Love the coffee cup/fashion drawing picture! Makes me all curious about the collection!!!

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    rudegirls July 8, 2009

    Hygge hygge… Nyd det.

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    Rynke July 9, 2009

    What a good trip!!

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