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As long as Autumn is this beautiful. the inside first floor renovation has to wait. We are working on the outside of the house for as long as the weather allows it.

The gable is almost done and the balcony is under progress. The trellises between the house and the workshop is for column fruit trees (pear). Our puppies are attacking the poor cherries-trees so we made them wooden ‘pants’.


circus family

breakfast circus boy

We usually have oatmeal on the breakfast-menu in this house. but yesterday was special. because Vilja was leaving for a one week Spain-vacation with her grandparents. We threw a little breakfast-party to send her off well. I miss her already… of course.

Ps. She is in a I-don’t-want-to-be-photographed phase. In case you are wondering.


Kornelius and I had brunch with a beautiful girl and her beautiful belly today. Good times.


HAPPY 2015!!!

This is a peek at some of the things that went down in 2014. I wish you all the very best for 2015!!!

Our tivoli shop is open until midnight today. The kids and I are not big fans of fireworks so we are having our own little party at home waiting patiently for Michael to come home and give us a big new year hug.


While Tivoli is on (until 4th of jan) Michael works 12 hours a day 6 days a week. So when daddy is home Kornelius enjoys every moment.

With our Circus-business in the backyard. Kornelius is used to having both of us near by all the time. being a natural part of our workday too.

ps. remember the baby-crib in the background? it used to be yellow and Vilja used to sleep in it! I painted it baby blue while I was expecting Kornelius. what feels like only a second ago… Anyway I have all the kids I could wish for and I’m gonna stop here :) so anybody wants a baby crib? I’m giving it away. it can be picked up in Copenhagen. Let me know (



Kornelius is dancing on the breakfast table. Can’t sit still that boy. He crawls right out of his high chair and up on the table if we look the other way for a second. Doesn’t even lie down when he’s napping -too busy keeping an eye out for fun. I think…


During these busy days of ours I look very much forward to the moment when the shop is all closed and Kornelius is asleep and I have a quiet moment to turn on my pc. Only problem is that it’s always almost midnight when I get here. and by then I am crazy tired. Mathias (Michael grownup son) is visiting at the moment. He helps out in the shop and with Kornelius. He even made us a yummy dinner today. Thank you for all your comments :) I’ll be back with answers tomorrow. b