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When it comes to knit. I am usually loyal to ‘Granny O’. But across the street from our booth in tivoli the Danchurchsocial (Kirkens korshær) has a small shop. They sell the work of volunteer knit enthusiasts and the money goes to a good place. The people in the shop are volunteer as well. … among other things like potholders and tea towels. I bought this colorful wool blanket.



A quick stop by the beach house once a week… We don’t have a laundry machine in Copenhagen :)


late night dinners with a girlfriend when the kids are sleeping.


Kornelius is ready to leave home before the rest of us gets out of bed in the morning. He picks up his shoes first thing and goes knocking on the inside of our front door…


While Tivoli is on (until 4th of jan) Michael works 12 hours a day 6 days a week. So when daddy is home Kornelius enjoys every moment.

With our Circus-business in the backyard. Kornelius is used to having both of us near by all the time. being a natural part of our workday too.

ps. remember the baby-crib in the background? it used to be yellow and Vilja used to sleep in it! I painted it baby blue while I was expecting Kornelius. what feels like only a second ago… Anyway I have all the kids I could wish for and I’m gonna stop here :) so anybody wants a baby crib? I’m giving it away. it can be picked up in Copenhagen. Let me know (


When I found my Copenhagen apartment while Anders and I was splitting up. I was convinced it was going to be just Vilja and I for a while. This was the perfect two-room-place for us.

Newer had I imagined how the two of us would become four,  -less than 2 yeas after…

…at the moment we have a stockroom/bedroom and living room/kids room. lets just say things are a bit crowded around here.


This was before we moved to Copenhagen. Pink is still her very favorite!

Materials: toilet paper roll, glue gun, deco tape, bows/diamonds/beads and elastic cord.


1. On the way to kindergarten 2. on the way to Tivoli 3. going home from kindergarten 4. home.

And I almost forgot to say. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your great tips and ideas about the front of the Circus caravan. I look so much forward to do something about it as soon as Tivoli is over.


Grandma Jonna is ‘house-sitting’ while we have mowed to Copenhagen for a few months!

We have spend all week driving back and forth from the beach house to my little Copenhagen flat. And now we are counting down for tivoli and our christmas-shop to open this weekend… while I’m at home with the kids at night Michael is at tivoli. building up the shop. It’s always a race against time to beat the deadline. but hopefully we will manage to be ready by Friday without to much stress.