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My miniature-addiction has gone out of control. I need to stop visiting fleamarkets all the time. It’s a really good thing I have a daughter to take the edge of the craziness…

Ps: If you wonder about the look of the surroundings Michael is about to put tiles on the wall and table in my workplace.



In the latest episode of Eigenwerk-Magazin theres an article about my miniature home.


Latest edition to my miniature world… The little guy is made from dried out flowers and standing on the button of a plastic/paper birthday flag, to keep him balanced.

How to: miniature feather

You never know when you might need one?

Take any feather and cut of the excess. Then shape it up the way you want it with a scissor.

Ps: the tiny hat is made from leftover fabric and lace + a really good glue-gun. The ‘hat-foot’ ?  is made from 2 different sized buttons glued together and a screw upside down, +black paint.  On top of the screw is a round bead to shape the hat from the inside.

Shirtbox gallery


1: laundry.

2: Vilja playing with this jewellery box.

3: Miniature parts.

4: Miniature gallery in process.

Miniature perfume shop

Creating the tiny hatshop made me fell so good. I love how I can empty my head while focusing only on something like this. PURE meditation!

This tiny perfume shop is new…

A tiny hatshop

This is what I turned  the shoebox into!

Big picture, small picture

The latest addition to my mini home.