The shop where I buy my miniature stuff feels like a parallel universe.

It is a tiny very old fashioned and always crowded place, which you barely notice from the outside. It is always the same two people standing behind the counter and after having been there quite a lot recently I’ve notisted that most of the customers are the same. Everybody knows the staff, or is it the other way around?

I am by far the youngest person there.

I love the serious but silly conversations among the costumers and clerks. It always makes me smile.

Today I bought four small chairs. I’m gonna paint them black.


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    ne July 20, 2008

    another choice is to paint the big ones white

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    lea July 22, 2008

    the dollhouse/real life pictures are great and it really is hard to tell the difference : )

    I don’t know if you have seen this photo (follow the link) but its an image of real life chairs looking like dollhouse chairs.

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    brinja July 22, 2008

    I did see the picture and must admit I got a bit confused… I’ts wierd but cool.

    Do you know Thomas Demand? Your picture remindet me of some of his.

    I’m gonna make my first link now….:×397.jpg

    All of his work is done in paper.

  4. Reply
    lea July 22, 2008

    impressive, it looks so real…cool

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    Morten July 25, 2008

    Do all the other people in the store also make miniature models of their own house or are they doll house enthusiasts?

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    Morten July 25, 2008

    !NB! Paint it black is a wonderful song by the Stones IMHO.

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