Change is good


Our dining room is now our living room. Anders and I have moved around all our furnitures.

We were just going to do some Spring cleaning when we agreed to rearange a bit.  Three days of hard work later and our home looks brand new and shiny…

I have the best contience and I’m exhausted so for the rest of the evening: movies and lots of chocolate.



Not much change in the bedroom except for the night lamps. They are new (actually they’re old, but new to me), found them at the flea marked on Samsø.


And there are few new Wedding pictures in the collection -still more to come though….



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    mette/ungt blod April 13, 2009

    looks good! i love moving things around, but we really can’t do much at this moment. our furniture are too big! what will you do with your miniature home??

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    Katrine April 13, 2009

    Great! There’s nothing better than rearranging!
    I’m going to do that as well really soon. Got lots of plans, just need the time for it.
    I want to ask you the same question as Mette – what will you now do with your miniature home? :)

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    lina April 13, 2009

    very nice! incredible how just moving furniture around can greatly change the environment! what a lovely home you have:]

  4. Reply
    lea April 13, 2009

    it looks great brinja!

  5. Reply
    epe April 14, 2009

    Your house is absolutly beautiful! :)

  6. Reply
    Susi April 14, 2009

    I love the light in your apartment!
    I think the two of you did a very good job =)

  7. Reply
    lisa kjellerød April 14, 2009

    You have a lovely blog and a beautiful home!

  8. Reply
    atlantic treefox April 14, 2009

    i love your stack of hat box suitcase things!

  9. Reply
    louise April 19, 2009

    Ah, they joy of a complete re-arranging at home. It’s much more fun than spring cleaning.

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    […] 20, 2009 Last night we went over to Brinja’s house. Anders made a lovely three course meal and served good wine. We shared stories about our lives, […]

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