I feel like cinderella sometimes; having no time to finish her dress…



There are so many things I would love to spend more time doing and so many people that I don’t see often enough. I know I can’t do it all, and I am already lucky enough to have a job and an everyday-life that I have chosen myself, but right now I just feel like I’m constantly chasing time…


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    Katrine May 24, 2009

    Du er for crazy, jeg er SÅ imponeret over dit miniature hus! Det må da alligevel også tage en del tid at lave?? Wauw.
    Jeg håber du skal have sommerferie, så du kan slappe lidt af inden længe…?

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      brinja May 25, 2009

      Katrine: Hihi, tak… Ja, det tager en del tid -ren meditation!
      Og ja, jeg har lige fået arrangeret at jeg skal holde dejlig lang sommerferie i år, juhuu, -ved endnu ikke hvortil så gode ideer er meget velkommene:)

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    Morten May 24, 2009

    I can’t help but point out the irony of a post about having little time combined with photos of a completely rearranged living room – followed up with a photo or the rearranged miniature living room.
    I am curious – which one did you rearrange first?
    I have a theory that you rearrange the miniature many times more to see how it looks, before you do it in big scale – but maybe I am just projecting my laziness :)

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      brinja May 25, 2009

      Morten: hihi, weel as I said; I have a lot of stuff that I really want to do all the time!
      And the mini home actually came second in this moving-around-project…But looking back it would have been helpful.

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    Maike May 25, 2009

    i am very happy to have a really realxing life, that comes with my study. i dont have to stress at all. but sometimes it just comes out of my social life.
    i thinkt you can change a ponit likes this just all by yourself. it is definitly a good start to know about the problem, and not just feeling uncomfortable. maybe it is a good start to appreciate small moments of rest, maybe five minutes with just drinking coffee and enjoying it.

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    lina May 25, 2009

    wow! i am so impressed!

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    Rynke May 26, 2009

    I hope you have some relax-time soon! I’m very impressed by your home AND by your dollhouse!

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