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I am proud to present my new hairband display that I found in a container yesteday. I think it was ment for plates, but it works great whith hairbands. The only thing I did was to clean it up and add a pair of fittings  -voila!  Cheap, pretty and practical.

Uh, and I found two little charis -that I’m gonna clean up and sew new seats for… let you know!


  1. Reply
    Morten February 3, 2009

    I like it!

  2. Reply
    lea February 3, 2009

    very neat! i look forward to a peak of the chairs, still sick : ( but i hope i will have the drawings ready for the weekend.

  3. Reply
    brinja February 3, 2009

    I’m glad both of you like it!
    And Lea, poor you, hope you’ll be better soon.
    (The drawings can wait)

  4. Reply
    lina February 3, 2009

    wow! these look too fun!

  5. Reply
    lea February 3, 2009

    hey brinja du er tagget : )

  6. Reply
    molly February 6, 2009

    wow. your shop is really sweet. is it all your pieces?

    i got your tag!

  7. Reply
    brinja February 6, 2009

    Hey Molly, thanks!

    Yes I make all the hairbands and most of the clothes in the shop myself.

    I will keep folow your blog:)

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