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Remember how I told you my childhood home was for sale? Well now it’s serious business. My dad and step mum are mowing far away this week, from the centre of Copenhagen to a small country island called Samsø. I went ‘home’ a few days ago to be there when the moving people arrived. Boy it was weird to see the home being emptied. Like saying goodbye to a dear old friend.

Now I can’t run home to my safe-spot and be a kid whenever I fell like it. Who would have known I was such a softy?


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    p_ernille_ October 16, 2010

    oh man, that is never fun. My parents sold my childhood home a few years back, and it’s still weird not to have my ‘own’ room anymore, when I go see them in the new house. It’s not that it doesn’t feel at home in the new house, but it will never be that home..

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    Miri October 16, 2010

    That must be very weird. Even if you’re not a softy. I can’t imagine my parents selling their house. I get seriously homesick every now and then and need to drive to my parents and talk to them. Or just hide in ‘my room’. Gosh, I AM a softy.

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    Jane October 16, 2010

    This happened to me as well but I was 18, the new home doesn’t feel like mine at all but my parents feel more at home there than they ever felt in the last one.

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    Milla October 16, 2010

    You’re not a softy. I felt the same when my parents moved. It’s normal because you spent a lot of time there and now it’s becoming “material” that this time is over. Don’t a lot of us feel still like their parent’s kid even if they’re grownups and have their own life? I think so. All the best for you!

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    Svenja October 16, 2010

    I can totally understand you. I had two childhood homes. It was sad to leave the first one at the age of 9. Within the following year my mum and my sisters will probably leave the second one. Even though I don’t have my old room anymore it is even more sad that I won’t be able to come home to a familiar place. However it will still feel like home when my family is there :)

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    Anne Mette October 16, 2010

    Mine forældre pønser på nøjagtigt det samme! De er nemlig begge fra øen og snakker om at flytte derover når man far stopper med at arbejde. Men det er jo også et skønt sted, det Samsø der :)

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    bobbi October 17, 2010

    When my parents sold the house I was born and grew up in, it was such a loss. I felt lost for a while, and still now, after more than ten years, I can’t stop from going to visit my street and my house whenever I’m in Milan. No matter what, that will be always home to me.

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    anne October 17, 2010

    er deres lejlighed så til salg? hvis ja – hvor finder man oplysninger?

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    sigga October 18, 2010

    Suk ak og ve!

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    sigga October 18, 2010

    Suk, suk ak og ve!

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