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Anders has been living in our old apartment until recently. It was taken over by new owners a few days ago.


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    Celena July 9, 2013

    That flat must be filled with such good memories that it is difficult to let go, even though you have all moved on. Hope you are all doing well. Time to put those happy memories into your new place….

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    Elena July 9, 2013

    why did it end between the two of you? :(

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    Anna July 9, 2013

    I am happy for uou that all has turned out well. Hope Anders is doing well also, he always looked like a caring father and husband. And I liked what he wore…

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      Celena July 9, 2013

      Yes, Anna, I thought so too! Lucky Brinja to have such nice men in her life ;)

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        Brinja July 26, 2013

        Thanks both of you! Yes, Anders is a wonderful and charring father and I am lucky and blessed to still have him in my life.

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    mariaah July 9, 2013

    How is Anders doing? I feel a bit sad looking at the pictures…

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      Ineke July 10, 2013

      Yes Brinja, me too but I am also very happy for you.

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      Brinja July 26, 2013

      Anders is doing good. He has found a great new apartment recently and is starting up a new exciting job soon. :)

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        Celena July 28, 2013

        That is great to hear! Best wishes to all of you!

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