This week is fall-vacation-time in Denmark, mostly that goes for school children and therefore also their teachers (witch includes Anders). And because Anders is of duty; I have treated myself with some time of from the shop. Meanwhile the wonderful Lea is taking good care of Brinja Kbh.

To really relax and escape from everyday life for a while, I have decided to also take a little blog vacation! Not for long -just this week out… I’m surely gonna miss you.

I made these medal-brooches during this Weekend while watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.  Oh, how I love adventures.


  1. Reply
    Sam October 12, 2009

    Love!! So sweet! Have a lovely break with your fella!!

  2. Reply
    shayne October 13, 2009

    enjoy ever relaxing moment of your week off

  3. Reply
    Marie Belgium October 13, 2009

    Have a good break !

  4. Reply
    sandra October 13, 2009

    have fun brinja!

  5. Reply
    Kaylovesvintage October 13, 2009

    enjoy and take it easy

  6. Reply
    lina October 13, 2009

    the brooches are lovely! pretty colors.
    gave a good break brinja : )

  7. Reply
    Lotte October 13, 2009

    Lyder som en god ting at holde lidt fri…Fine brocher :) Og sikker på at Lea styre Brinja Kbh. med sikker hånd..hihi

  8. Reply
    linstyle October 14, 2009

    Have a bright and happy break, you three!

  9. Reply
    Alice October 15, 2009

    You deserve a break! Hope you have a good week!

    brooches are so cute–i also loved pirates of the caribbean (Johnny Depp is my favorite actor)

  10. Reply
    Brit October 16, 2009

    Those broaches are very pretty! Enjoy your blog free week! :)

  11. Reply
    cabrizette October 17, 2009

    Have a great time ! Bise

  12. Reply
    Alice October 18, 2009

    you’ve been tagged !
    i would be honored if you wished to participate to my new project : http://fifikoussout.blogspot.com/2009/10/perfect-life-book.html

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