Fishes and polaroids



30-01-09-217-polaskalI had to try out the “fake polaroid picture magic” that I’ve heart people talk about lately. Here are the result.

The two fishes are new members of our little family, just got them last week. We couldn’t decide what to name them  -so now we call them “Fish”. I have already spend hours starring at them – fascinating little creatures.

If you wanna try and make your own fake-polaroids you can get the software here: Or you can make them in a  “gimp” version.

Here are some other pretty polaroid pictures:

mother svea

Lea Bolvig

my polaroid blog


  1. Reply
    lina February 1, 2009

    fish is/are cute! (the second picture is the best!)
    your fish bowl is very nice. i like the plants (are they real or fake?)
    i am probably going to get my fish with in the next two weeks. can’t wait:]

  2. Reply
    Sussi February 1, 2009

    Maybe our pets should meet someday =)

  3. Reply
    Bastholm February 1, 2009

    Good idea Sussi but our fish has not been trained to socialise yet, i´m afraid they´ll be to aggresive and maul your cat!

  4. Reply
    brinja February 1, 2009

    Lina: Thanks -They are not easy to photograph, won’t stand still! The plants are real.
    Hope to see photos when you get your fish:)

  5. Reply
    lea February 1, 2009

    i love the fish! and the polaroids look good

  6. Reply
    brinja February 2, 2009

    Lea: yeah, it was alot of fun experimenting with the polaroids. Thanks for the tip!

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