Fortune cookie note



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    Morten November 6, 2008

    “You are welcome in any gathering”. Why not just go there then. Instead of hosting your own party?

    That sentence reminds me of rudiments horoscope (Danish) somehow?

  2. Reply
    lea November 6, 2008

    yep it does sound like something out of rudiment’s horoscope! good point.

  3. Reply
    gracia November 7, 2008

    Cute and oddly contradictory advice…

  4. Reply
    ne November 7, 2008

    except rudiment’s horoscope tells the truth and nothing but the truth

  5. Reply
    Morten November 11, 2008

    And rudiment is pretty serious!

  6. Reply
    brinja November 11, 2008

    Hi hi hi

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