Free as a bird

This Friday I am free as a bird.  I have a helper to take care of the shop and the whole day to spend doing exactly what I feel like. – So, when I woke up I decided to make the very best of it!

I started of with a smoothie and porridge on a local place called “Granola“…  -No actually I started of by staying in bed and read magazines  until -Then I went to “Granola”.



Afterwords Anders and I went shopping for new glasses (For him). Unfortunally no pictures there, but we did find some really cool ones  -and I’ll keep you posted on that!

To celebrate the good choice of glasses, we went to a book café for a cup of coffeé and some quiet time.



Then some grossery shopping -and because we had already spend way to much money on one day,  I decidet to buy my self flowers.


Now movies and homemade burgers.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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    Morten January 31, 2009

    Maybe it’s just my usual chauvinistic self, but I fail to follow the girl-logic in “oh well I blown my budget for today so I might as well continue shopping” :)

  2. Reply
    brinja February 1, 2009

    - I think it makes sense:)

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