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So I planned to take pictures of the floor in my shop today, but how boring is that? Instead I took some random pictures of how things look at the moment…

Hope you all had a nice day.  Happy Pentecost for those who celebrate it…  (-What a crazy word; Pentecost. -Apparently it is an ancient Greek word that means; the fiftieth day after Easter Sunday!… -In Danish we just call it “Pinse”)

-And here in Denmark this Monday is a holiday so the shop is closed and I’m free as a bird, yay!


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    parisa mahmoudi May 29, 2009

    At the time that I saw the pictures of this post suddenly I imagine the day that I’m in Copenhagen and I come into your lovely shop to say hello! :) I like that moment!
    All the pics are great,Specially the “Proverum”!
    Have a really fantastic time

  2. Reply
    Katrine May 29, 2009

    Ih, så mange fine detaljer der er! Nu må jeg altså snart få stukket snuden forbi…
    God weekend. :)

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    Sam May 31, 2009

    The necklaces and earrings are sooo pretty! The colours!! Wow! Actually, your whole shop looks gorgeous!

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    Rynke June 1, 2009

    Supernice sunglasses!!

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