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When I travel around I always bring home new stuff for the shop, sometimes I find cool materials like beads, buttons, ribbons or fabric and sometimes I find scarves, belts, jewellery or things like that. I like to sell items that has a funny story to tell and I have always made an effort to find things that you can’t buy any where else -not in Denmark at least:)


I’ve had these badges made in a dark underground tunnel by a Warszawa metro station.
It wasen’t easy because the staff in this tiny shop could not speak one word english and so far I only know three Polish words (they didn’t really work here) so if you think about it, this is a pretty neat result:


The badges are not sale items but just a little gadget for custumers in the shop.
If you live in Copehagen and want one -just stop by and pick it up! And if you don’t live in Copenhagen but really want one, then mail me your name and adress and I’ll post one for you.


  1. Reply
    lina July 10, 2009

    ooo! yes i would love one! what a neat story that goes with it.

    i’ll be emailing you.

  2. Reply
    epe July 11, 2009

    super cool! :)

  3. Reply
    bba July 11, 2009


  4. Reply
    ne July 11, 2009

    i want one as well!

  5. Reply
    leabolvig July 11, 2009

    i think they did really well considering the circumstances! see you later today – i’m looking forward : )

  6. Reply
    rudegirls July 11, 2009

    Hurra -hvor er de flotte!!! Godt gået super ide. Jeg er fan.

  7. Reply
    Sam July 11, 2009

    That’s a very cute badge but I wouldn’t expect you to post it to me all the way over here in Australia!

    • Reply
      brinja July 15, 2009

      Sam: You have to visit Copenhagen then:) -If you want one I woulden’t mind sending it!

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