Going far far away


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    stb October 14, 2008

    Så er vi vist nået til Tappernøje.

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    ago October 15, 2008

    Hope you have found your way. I expect nice photos of the scenery in the German mountains.
    After 5 days with really nice Autumn weather – sunshine, long shadows and chirpy birds, it has now started raining – which is also nice but differently, and anyway – we are leaving today.

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    Sigga October 15, 2008

    Miss you!

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    ne October 15, 2008

    have a nice trip ago.

    and you too Sigga.

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    brinja October 18, 2008

    Fall was incredible beautiful in the German mountains, pictures coming up…

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    brinja October 18, 2008

    Sigsen: I lige måde! Glæder mig til snart at se dig.

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