Happy feet!

I bought these “slippers” at a church in Copenhagen today,  they had a Christmas arrangement with coffee, cakes and other home-made things for sale.  I’m pretty sure the money spend went for a good course, but I never found out what it was… Anyway these pretty shoes did only cost me 30kr (Danish kroner) witch is about 6 dollars. What a bargain, huh?

I am obsessed with knitted goods these days, my step-mum -who has amazing knitting-skills, is creating the most beautiful tiny baby clothes for our two lucky new family members. These kids are already spoiled before they are even born :)..  (for those who don’t know -my sister Sigga and I are both having babies at the same time)

Note: The Christmas fun continues at the church tomorrow, if you are interested, this is the place.


  1. Reply
    Anne-Marie November 27, 2009

    sikke nogen søde jule-futter :-)

  2. Reply
    Marianne November 27, 2009

    Årh de ser hyggelige ud!

  3. Reply
    Nanna Dís November 27, 2009

    I love these!

    They go well with your mustard colored tights :)

  4. Reply
    Linda November 28, 2009

    Tak for tippet. Jeg må da forbi kirken, for jeg kan ikke leve uden sådan et par fine sutsko med pongponger. Har i øvrigt stor trang til at lave pongponger i øjeblikket, men jeg har glemt, hvordan man gør. Troede ellers ikke, det var muligt :)

    • Reply
      brinja November 29, 2009

      Linda: hihi, næ det burde jo nærmest være som at cykle :)

  5. Reply
    lins November 28, 2009

    It looks like it might be for cystic fibrosis? I think your kroners were well-spent!

    • Reply
      brinja November 29, 2009

      Lins: You’re right! Well spent…

  6. Reply
    Losarinas mor November 28, 2009

    Hvor er de skønne ! 30 kroner – det var dog sindsygt billigt .

  7. Reply
    lisakjellerød November 28, 2009

    Such a bargain! and lovely too!

  8. Reply
    shayma December 1, 2009

    these are absolutely lovely.

  9. Reply
    .girl ferment. December 6, 2009

    loving those socks too

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