Home and away

Sometimes the best thing about being away is getting home again. Anders and I spend the last cuple of days in Vienna (Austria).  It is a beautiful city and we had a really good time but I must admit I was looking forward to come home today.

I bought some vintage buttons at a market Saturday morning, they were way overpriced, but I got very excited about all the colors, shapes and materials and I couldn’t help but buy some anyway. I’m gonna make them into earrings.


  1. Reply
    Miss Karen September 29, 2008

    Gosh look at all those buttons! I’d be there all day choosing which ones i’d like. I love buttons :D

  2. Reply
    brinja September 29, 2008

    Buttons are great!
    And it was indeed hard to choose witch ones to buy..

  3. Reply
    lea September 29, 2008

    welcome home, looking forward to see what you bought

  4. Reply
    brinja September 30, 2008

    And I bought some glas beads too…

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