I’m back…

Two days away from blogging feels like forever… How are you all -did you have a good weekend?

I’m in such a good mood today, the sky is blue and the world is beautiful…

Normally Tuesday is the crappiest day of the week -but not this Tuesday:


I had morning coffee and sun in the excellent company of my brother…


In the shop I got a lot of organizing and cleaning done…


Anders came after school…  Pretty handsome, huh!


And before closing hour -afternoon sun in the company of friends…

Ps: My good friend -and loyal helper in the shop, Susi (in the middle), are now a part of the blog  family -Go see!


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    Morten May 12, 2009

    Girls with blogs rock!

  2. Reply
    srg85 May 13, 2009

    Yeah, we kinda do! Very nice pictures, and I’m happy we have you back! The blogging world just isn’t the same without you! I love the glasses on the very top. They look as though they were floating in midair!

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