Just a yellow lemon tree


Ever since the day I met Anders he has been talking about how much he wanted a perfect lemon tree. -Last week he finally found it! Now it lives in our bedroom.


We have had a long Sunday morning breakfast and I have made this little kitchen garden I’ve been talking about -right now it dosen’t look like much, but I hope that in a cuple of month it will.  I gave my old plants a Spring treat and a shower as well. They really needed it.


Now a good book and a dinner  tonight at “Sticks and sushi” whith some people from our building. Don’t you just love Sundays?


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    lina March 15, 2009

    wow. those are some pretty good lemons on that little tree! my mom has a tree about twice as big & your lemons are about twice as big:]

    p.s. i love those hat boxes & suitcases in the corner!

  2. Reply
    epe March 16, 2009

    the lemon tree in the window is a very nice image! :)

  3. Reply
    treefox March 16, 2009

    that’s amazing! where does one find a little lemon tree?!

  4. Reply
    Brita March 17, 2009

    just gorgeous! I love the lemon tree and the suitcases too.

  5. Reply
    Rynke March 17, 2009

    Ooooh, this is so nice! I love all the pictures :) The lemon tree, your house, the breakfast…great!

  6. Reply
    brinja March 18, 2009

    Lina: Yeah, it’s a small tree compared to how many lemons it has:)

    Epe: Thanks!

    Treefox: -Isn’t it! We found this tree at a florist in our neighbourhood but I must say -I have never seen one with this many lemons before…

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