Laundry day


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    ne July 21, 2008

    cool pictures especially the two first. that laundry-automate must have been designed by a usability expert…

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    lea July 22, 2008

    hey, I agree, the one with the laundry-mate is really good! In general I really like these laundry places because they seem like perfect time bubbles where nothing has been changed for decades. And thanks for the comment by the way : ) I plan to write more comments now that I have finally jumped into this whole blog writing and reading.

    ha en god dag

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    brinja July 22, 2008

    Laundry places are great!

    And that you got your blog back on track is great!
    So much fun all this blogging is…

    I’m gonna work on more comments as well.

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    Morten July 25, 2008

    The buttons are gorgeous, I …. love ‘em!

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