Lavender bags, finished…



So this is what my lavender project looks like now. They became very girlish and romantic witch wasn’t really the intention at first. Anyway here they are…

I will get back to your comments tomorrow!

PS. I have been so inspired by Gabbi who sometimes makes these cute little hearts ♥  – So I have been searching the net a bit to find out how to make them and you know what; it is very simple: hold down the alt key and the 3 key. not the 3 key at the top of the keyboard, -the 3 key on the right of the keyboard… Ta daa ♥ ♥ ♥ cute little heats….  Thank you Gabbi!


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    Brit August 5, 2009

    How fun, you got the book aswell! :) I love looking through it, gives an instant buzz of inspiration! + Those lavender bags are very cute!

    • Reply
      brinja August 6, 2009

      Brit: I did! I wasn’t looking for it -but suddenly it was right there in front of me shouting BUY ME! -so I did.

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    lina August 5, 2009

    they look so cute! i bet they smell amazing too.

    • Reply
      brinja August 6, 2009

      Lina: Thank you, and yes; they do smell amazing:)

  3. Reply
    linstyle August 5, 2009

    oooh i gotta try it: didn’t work for me!

    • Reply
      brinja August 6, 2009

      Linstyle: thats weired, I can only do it on my stationary computer -maybe you have a laptop with no numbers in the right side? -Otherwise it should work….

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    Alice August 6, 2009

    I love the lavender bags! So cute! They came out very good!

  5. Reply
    rudegirls August 6, 2009

    Fine poset. Ka ik helt finde ud af det med hjerterne, men det er meget fine tak for tippet selv om jeg ik kan finde ud af det. Må få hjælp en dag af min webmarster! (Det var så her jeg gerne ville lave et hjerte ud for webmarster)

  6. Reply
    rudegirls August 6, 2009

    med poset menes poser:)

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    linstyle August 7, 2009

    It’s not a laptop but it sadly does not have one of the more popular operating systems. Beggars can’t be chosers, and this was chosen for me by a techie in the family. Someday I will replace it. In the meantime I will enjoy your glorious clothing creations! <3

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    Gabbi August 15, 2009

    How did I miss this Brinja! I love the way your lavender bags turned out… the little charms are adorable. And also I’m glad you don’t mind my little hearts, honestly I sometimes worry that my tendency to use them is childish? :) Thank you thank you. Wishing you a lovely weekend.xo

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