Leather gloves




My shop is now ready for Winter season. I think I’m going for yellow gloves this year… They don’t have to match the rest of my Winter outfit, actually that might be the whole point of it.

Have a great Sunday everyone. I’m gonna spend the rest of mine with my phone switched off watching old “James Bond movies”


  1. Reply
    Maria October 25, 2009

    what amazing amazing colours ….love them

  2. Reply
    Rudegirls October 25, 2009

    Flot udvalg!

  3. Reply
    Coralene October 25, 2009

    Those are amazing. I wish I could wear them all at once! It’s hard to separate a color from such a perfect group.

    • Reply
      brinja October 26, 2009

      Colarene: I know what exactly you mean, they kind of belong together…

  4. Reply
    Brit October 25, 2009

    So many colors! They look so pretty! :)

  5. Reply
    helen October 25, 2009

    I love your photographs of the leather gloves I can smell them from here (Norwich, England)

    • Reply
      brinja October 26, 2009

      Helen: Hi hi, they do smell pretty powerful… :)

  6. Reply
    cabrizette October 25, 2009

    Beautiful colors !! Hope you spend a nice sunday with James Bond !!!

  7. Reply
    Ana October 26, 2009

    Love your Blog!
    Spent a lot of time reading older entries :)

    • Reply
      brinja October 26, 2009

      Ana: So good to hear -thanks a lot!

  8. Reply
    april October 26, 2009

    Yes. I like most the colored ones. Yellow is wonderful. But pink also. Makes wintertime happy*

    • Reply
      brinja October 26, 2009

      April: I like the coloured ones best too :) Defiantly makes wintertime happy :)

  9. Reply
    Mette October 26, 2009

    Ih, hvor fine. Kunne godt tænkte mig et par mintgrønne.

    Hvis jeg må, vil jeg meget gerne låne dit midterste billede til min blog – selvfølgelig med link og adresse på din butik.


    • Reply
      brinja October 26, 2009

      Mette: Ja, de mintgrønne er også rigtig fine! Du er meget velkommen til at bruge billedet på din blog! Tak for kommentar :)

  10. Reply
    Mette October 26, 2009

    Mange tak – måske jeg skal forbi og se de mintgrønne live en dag, hvor man kan ikke er regnet inde.

  11. Reply
    Matilda October 27, 2009

    Happy gloves! Like them! I have mine in intensive prussian blue and they go so well with a green tweed coat and yellow scarf! Happy winter:-)

  12. Reply
    lins October 27, 2009

    Not matching is the new matching–love the cobalt and the buttery gold. I’m excited about your shop update!

  13. Reply
    Dotti October 27, 2009

    Oooh, beautiful! And honestly I couldn’t decide for one particular colour – I’d like to have them all.

  14. Reply
    Sam October 27, 2009

    Oh these gloves are so lovely! What a terrific photo of them too – I wish we were going into winter now!!

  15. Reply
    lina November 2, 2009

    oooo yes! i would want a pair this winter too!
    these gloves are beautiful!

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