Living room interior




Arrhg… My neighbours are playing CRAZY loud (not that good) music and I’m slowly turning into one of those very angry people that I never really understood until now…


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    epe April 4, 2009

    This is your living room? I like it, so much, and I love the maps in the wall!
    Have a nice weekend!

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    lina April 4, 2009

    you have a lovely home!
    & i see fish:] hope they are well!

  3. Reply
    brinja April 4, 2009

    Epe: Yes it’s mine. Thanks:-)

    Lina: :)

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    Maike April 4, 2009

    wow, everything looks wonderful! I like the green chairs very much, and the wall full of books, and the pictures, and other chairs .. and just everything! :)

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    Susi April 4, 2009

    Morten and I experienced the same thing last night. loud music and people ringing our doorbell in the middle of the night… not so nice when you had a busy week and just need some sleep.

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    Rynke April 4, 2009

    Your livingroom is really really nice, I love it! It has such a nice wooden floor! And just the right mix of whites and cozyness :) The green chairs are indeed lovely as is the chair in the last picture!

    And loud neighbours can be so frustrating…I know what you mean… :(

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    alice April 6, 2009

    Your place looks so lovely! That sucks about your neighbours, I hope that they stop :/

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