Living room interior

This was how part of my living room looked last week. I have redecorated it in the meantime.

And yes, I have redecorated the miniature home too.


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    lea August 30, 2008

    show us how it looks now ! : )

  2. Reply
    brinja August 30, 2008

    Right now it dosen’t look that good, but I’vll show you as soon as I’m finished.

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    Morten September 1, 2008

    We also did a lot of redecoration this weekend. We
    moved some lamps, put up some new furniture and we
    are happily awaiting our new couch.
    Our little nest is getting cosier by the minute :)

  4. Reply
    brinja September 2, 2008

    Looking forward too see it!

  5. Reply
    Sussi September 2, 2008

    … and we got our very first plant, a yucca elephantipes!
    Root hasn’t killed it yet, and it hasn’t killed Root yet… =)
    It makes our living room look a lot warmer. i love that effect of plants!

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    Kiki August 16, 2009

    this is soooo cool, i am so impressed!!!!! I found this by accident ( looking for fimo stuff), but i looove this, it is absolutely amazing!! i want a mini home like this!!!

    • Reply
      brinja August 17, 2009

      Kiki: Welcome aboard:) -And thank you!

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