Merry Christmas

Today was three minutes longer than yesterday and yesterday was the shortest day of the year in Denmark.  Spring is slowly catching up on us  -very slowly.

Now I have a giant tree in my living room…

The internet seems so quiet these days. Guess most people are christmas busy or away on holiday…  Actually I’m pretty chrismas busy myself so I better run of.

Merry Christmas to all!





  1. Reply
    ne December 22, 2008

    merry christmas! spring is coming up :)

  2. Reply
    lea December 23, 2008

    merry christmas to you too! hope you have a great christmas eve tomorrow. the tree is very pretty – nice decoration : )

  3. Reply
    Bassen December 23, 2008

    Merry christmas! I feel the spring too.

  4. Reply
    bba December 24, 2008

    Also merry christmas to you, The tree is beautifully decorated.

  5. Reply
    brinja December 24, 2008

    It is a beautiful tree. Thank you all!

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