My collection of cans

I inherited this fantastic collection of metal cans from my grandfather once, he was a serious collector of, well… most things.

I don’t remember how I got this idea, but I think it’s working out pretty well.


  1. Reply
    ne October 5, 2008

    anders is such a lucky man

  2. Reply
    lea October 5, 2008

    they look great! i have always liked cans as well, but i don’t have an impressive collection like you.

  3. Reply
    ne October 5, 2008

    by the way i used to have a collection of canned tomato

  4. Reply
    Louise October 5, 2008

    Oh they look fantastic, what a brilliant idea! Your house and decor looks so beautiful!!! I am quite envious, I would love to get out of ratty flats and have a beautiful home.

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