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While Anders cooked dinner last night I took some pictures of our kitchen. It’s not a very big kitchen but it’s a great one -I love to sit on the kitchen table when I come home at night and talk talk talk while Anders is creating little miracles.

The look of our kitchen is not that thought through. It is a standard Ikea kitchen that was already here when we took over the apartment.  The  colour theme of our pots, pans and kitchen tools are red  -I have been collecting for several years and have quite a collection…

Last night we had a Thai dish with rice and curry -I’m a bit of a curry-addict.

Hope you have had a great Weekend all. -And once again; thank you so much for all your sweet comment, I really appreciate them!


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    rudegirls August 2, 2009

    nam mam nam jeg er vild med Anders mad!!!

  2. Reply
    Gabbi August 2, 2009

    Nice kitchen! I especially like the wooden counters… Also, dinner sounds delicious. Heaven to have a man cook for you! :D

  3. Reply
    Alice August 2, 2009

    You have a such a cute kitchen! I like the spice rack and the hanging fruit/vegetable basket. Is that a his and hers apron I see? :)

    And the food looks so very good!

    • Reply
      brinja August 3, 2009

      Alice: Thans alot! -I don’t own an apron (-yet:)) “his and hers” is that a brand?

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    Sam August 2, 2009

    That kitchen looks as if it’s a fully functioning, continually in use area! Fantastic! There’s nothing as wonderful as home cooked food!

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    parisa mahmoudi August 3, 2009

    Love all the red in your sweet kitchen!
    Specially that kettle!!! :)
    Dear Brinja,your badge is here.Every time that I see it,I remember you.So thanks!!! :)

    Wish you the best

    • Reply
      brinja August 3, 2009

      Parisa: Hey, how cool that the badge has arrived! -And I’m very glad to hear that you were able to use my directions about the old photo…

  6. Reply
    parisa mahmoudi August 3, 2009

    And So thanks for your explanation to make an old photo.I made some,the result is nice!! :)

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    famapa August 3, 2009

    what a cosy little kitchen! is that your front door going straight into the kitchen?

    • Reply
      brinja August 3, 2009

      Famapa: Thank you! No it’s the back door:) We don’t use it very often.

  8. Reply
    yukes August 3, 2009

    I love that you have a colour theme for your kitchen tools!! The red looks really nice!

  9. Reply
    Alice August 4, 2009

    Brinja: His and hers is a term we use to say matching items for a couple.

  10. Reply
    Sanna August 4, 2009

    Oh, cute kitchen, and rice and curry sounds goooood. And hihii, I have the same tea towels :).

  11. Reply
    srg85 August 4, 2009

    Le Creuset is such a lovely brand! I really like their design. I like your version of quality time! I enjoy it so much when Morten joins me in the kitchen (in our home I’m the cook). Nothing is a better inspiration for a good talk than the smells of home cooked food!

  12. Reply
    Alice August 4, 2009

    woaw! everything looks nice !

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