This is a peek at Michael and Viljas new project. As I have told you earlier we still have quite a way to go with our house construction. The first floor still looks like this and we still sleep like one big circus family in the living room.

But my workshop is big and Michael got the idea to build a room for Vilja in there instead. She needs a place to escape from Kornelius who is constantly interrupting what shes doing… and it’s always good to be able to get away from silly adults. She of course choose a pink princess-theme for her new place.

The wall was but up yesterday. The door today. And tomorrow we’ll work on some paint and wallpaper, she and I.


The tivoli shop is closed down and we have moved most of the boxes and furnitures from the apartment. Tomorrow is the first day in many many weeks where we can stay in the beach house from we wake up until we go to bed.

We have looked SO much forward to this moment.

Vilja is here. She and Michael has made plans for an exciting new building project tomorrow. I’ll let you know more soon.


I don’t have a sad feeling about leaving the apartment. because I newer got to fell truly at home in it.

But miraculous things did happen here… like Kornelius arriving to the world in our tiny living room on the fourth floor on a cold November night 14 month ago. I’ll bring that memory with me forever, where ewer.

Ps. Vilja has Anders last name too. But There wasn’t enough space for the letters. Sorry :)


2015 is starting of with a big change in my life. I’m leaving Copenhagen for good. moving to the beach house. As soon as our work in Tivoli is done (three opening days left) we will pack up the shop and the apartement as fast as we can and be on our way. I am so excited. can’t wait.

HAPPY 2015!!!

This is a peek at some of the things that went down in 2014. I wish you all the very best for 2015!!!

Our tivoli shop is open until midnight today. The kids and I are not big fans of fireworks so we are having our own little party at home waiting patiently for Michael to come home and give us a big new year hug.


Kornelius is dead-serous when it comes to tools. He wants to participate in every tool-related-step Michael takes. and that toy hammer is no good at all. He wants the real deal!

How lucky are you allowed to be? two dedicated handymen under one roof. The pictures are from back in november.


While we do spend all this time in tivoli anyway. we might as well get the best out of it while we can. The kids and I wend to tivioli’s aquarium today and then the waffle bakery. A bit disappointing though -the waffles..


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas out there.

Our days are still mostly about work. The kids and I can’t help out much in the shop but we can make sure Michael gets something to eat once in a while and also we can give him a chance to take a little break now and then. 12-13 hour work days everyday of the week are tough business when you’ve been at it for many weeks in a row… after today: only 8 opening days left!

We spend a lovely Christmas eve at Aunt Siggas place. (Tivoli closed up at four :-)… )  Yummy food, good company -even Santa dropped by! ..we had singing, dancing and kids playing all around. It was perfect.

Merry Christmas to you. A tiny bit late…


Yesterday at the beach house. Laundry, a quick cup of coffee with grandma and picking up a new stock for the tivoli shop. Everything was peaceful, beautiful and wonderfully quiet. After midnight today we have 13 workdays left in tivoli. even though it’s lots of fun. We are counting the days until we are finished. It will be the best feeling in the world going back to the beach when are are all done.

Merry Christmas everyone!


When it comes to knit. I am usually loyal to ‘Granny O’. But across the street from our booth in tivoli the Danchurchsocial (Kirkens korshær) has a small shop. They sell the work of volunteer knit enthusiasts and the money goes to a good place. The people in the shop are volunteer as well. … among other things like potholders and tea towels. I bought this colorful wool blanket.