In front of the beach house there’s this beautiful sunflower. My mom and I had a special thing about sunflowers. Our flower, we used to say when I was little.

Every time I pass it my head goes: Hi mom :)

Grandma Jonna (Michaels mom)  brought us apples today…. Look at all those greasy baby fingers on our mirror, wups.


I enjoy big time the extra time for family we have now that the summer-holidays are over and things are getting more quiet in the Circus. Hope it doesn’t sound ungrateful. We feel so blessed and happy about the opening success we have had. And we fell very lucky to have met lots of interesting new people during the season.

Yesterday we packed up the car and the kids and went for a one-day trip to Nakskov to visit great grandma (my moms mom). I’ve been looking forward to do that for a long time.



Vilja has her own house and Kornelius has a car now. Privileged kids huh?

The weather has changed radically. Seems like summer is long gone already. When we woke up this morning it was all grey and cloudy so we decided to keep the ice cream shop closed for a day and get some painting done on the outside of the house. But then it started raining and we decided to make hot cocoa instead. Rain and storm continued and we went to a flea marked.

Kornelius got a ‘new’ car that lucky boy. It lacks a headlight in front. any ideas?



Kornelius is dancing on the breakfast table. Can’t sit still that boy. He crawls right out of his high chair and up on the table if we look the other way for a second. Doesn’t even lie down when he’s napping -too busy keeping an eye out for fun. I think…


Easy peasy for Vilja to choose wallpaper for her new house. What we need now is a second layer of paint and she’s ready to ‘move in’.


Things are slowing down in the Circus. BOY we have had a busy summer!!!  (busy -but good busy)

School vacation in Denmark is over and things will be a lot more quiet in our shop from now on. We are really happy and relived about how our new business has turned out and already we look forward to work on new ideas for next season. Also we look forward to start working on the house again soon.

The Circus is still open afternoon and evenings.


A friend of mine got married yesterday. Michael had to stay home. he took care of the shop and the kids. Felt very weired to be away on my own for a whole day like that.


Life has been hard on my tomato plants. The weather has been warm and dry all summer and it sounds crazy I know. but I have had no spare time to give them the water they have been yearning for. Newer the less. some of them survived… And the gapes are doing okay too. (last pic)


Vilja had a good day today


We had rain today. and thunder :)  kornelius took a bath on the patio in front of the circus. Last picture is from our bedroom.


Michaels grownup son Mathias (18) has spend most of this summer in our guest house. He made some new friends in the neighborhood and they made us a brilliant dinner yesterday. I love big tables with lots of food and people all around. Sun is still shining here. We are happy!  How are you?

Ps. Thank you for your sweet sweet comments!


It’s a baby-boy! a perfect babyboy. My brothers wife Lea gave birth last Monday. Kornelius is no longer the youngest baby of our family.


Look what arrived with the mailman this morning. A goldmine of knitwear from Samsø. ‘Granny O’ has been busy!


1: Friends visiting from Copenhagen. 2: Sunset sky. 3: Lunch, potatoes on rye bread. 4: The circus. 5: New juices in the fridge. 6: Garden, 7: New haircut.


Sun is still on our side and we have very few calm and quiet moments like on the last pic. I find myself wishing for a rainy day. Just one :)


I took today off and paid Copenhagen a visit. Moules frite with my sister at ‘torvehallerne’ we had some very special celebration to do…. Ill tell you about that later.


I have never been more busy! Summer in Denmark this year beautiful and sunny. Couldn’t have wished for better conditions to open our ice cream shop.

We have a good staff helping out. but still Michael and I have to run fast… and so we do :)  the kids just tag along, Kornelius is crawling around like a tiny tornado and Vilja has great fun making new friends among our local costumers. She was once very shy. but that seems to be in the past.


A pretty present from my sweet boyfriend.