Have a great weekend everyone!

I’m gonna celebrate the weekend by going to the public library and then invite myself out for a good cup of coffe.

Here are some camping meals from our vacation last week.


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    Morten October 24, 2008

    mmmmmmmh I am Sultan!

  2. Reply
    Discover Unearthed October 24, 2008

    Did you eat the leaf in the second photo? It looks pretty good :)

    GIANT burger at http://discoverunearthed.wordpress.com one would fill a hamper!

  3. Reply
    ne October 24, 2008

    mmmmmmmm…..i’ll go for the croissant, banquette and juice

  4. Reply
    Candy Molds October 24, 2008

    Man that makes me hungry. Especially the breads!

    Candy Molds

  5. Reply
    lea October 24, 2008

    mmmm the images bring sweet memories, it all tasted great. i really like the coffee and leaf picture..wish i had a baguette

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