I’ve had some good but pretty busy days lately.

Still lots of photos, sunshine, food, shopping and fun.


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    lea August 2, 2008

    nice collection of photos from your trip

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    Sussi August 3, 2008

    Did they have colored toilet paper there?
    I love that idea!
    Last year we had special xmas toilet paper in Germany =)
    You know, with Santa Claus and Rudolph on it…

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    brinja August 3, 2008

    That is so silly! I wonder when Denmark will be that trendy? You could do all sorts of exciting toiletpaper: Easter-paper, newyears-paper, party-paper (ballons, stars, funny hats etc…) or even a selection of various colors- paper to math your towels! The last one was the Poland way, I guess.

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    Morten August 8, 2008

    I once tried toilet paper with perfume.. Eiiks!
    I think toilet paper with prints that made them look used, would be fun.
    I can just imagine peoples reactions. Priceless!

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