Rainy Thursday…






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    ne June 11, 2009

    fine åbningstider :)

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    brinja June 11, 2009

    Tak! -Det er næsten ikke til at tro jeg selv har lavet det vel?

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    srg85 June 11, 2009

    I love the new stickers!!!
    And from the looks of the first picture Anders treated you with home baked buns today!

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    ne June 11, 2009

    jo, det kunne jeg egentlig godt forestille mig…

    mmmmm….tænk at jeg gik glip af de friskbagte boller…

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    brinja June 11, 2009

    Nope, I had a Tuesday-breakfast on a Thursday at Sigga’s place:) The buns was fantastic!

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    lea June 11, 2009

    oh den morgenmad ser god ud! og virkelig fine åbningstiderbogstaver : )

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    epe June 12, 2009

    nice pictures! :)

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    i’ll so come and check out your shop when i come to copenhagen! (and it’s on my list!).

    have a good weekend.

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