Ribbons in rainbow colours…

I don’t sell materials for sewing in my shop, but I have often been asked by customers wanting to buy plain ribbons by the meter. I have enormously amounts of ribbons lying around in stock so I figured; why not?

Of course ever since I hung them out there for sale a few weeks ago, no one has noticed or asked for it :)  -Looks pretty tough….


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    Losarinas mor November 18, 2009

    Ser meget indbydende ud !

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    Rynke November 18, 2009

    Looks supernice, Brinja! I’m sure people will ask for it soon!

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    Sifka November 18, 2009

    Aj, jeg var forbi hos dig i går. Så det slet ikke!

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      brinja November 20, 2009

      Sifka: Det kan være det skal have en anden plads i butikken -en lidt mere synlig én! :)

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    Sam November 18, 2009

    Ha! Isn’t that always the way! I think they look gorgeous though I have to say!! I love, love, love ribbons and I collect them – if I visited your shop I’d buy up quite a bit I think!

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      brinja November 20, 2009

      Sam: hihi, if only there were more people like you here in Denmark :)

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    Sohyun HA November 19, 2009

    You need to put the sign “Do you love ribbons! Then ask to me :)”

    I love those ribbons and I wish I visit your shop. (I live in seattle area-US though)

    Love your blog!

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      brinja November 20, 2009

      Sohyun: Thanks for the tip! I might try it out :)

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    greenlaundry November 23, 2009

    Haha! Life’s funny like that isn’t it. The rack of ribbons do look very pretty, you’re right!

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    CRC November 24, 2009

    You need a sign with prices! People will buy them if they know it’s for sale. I’m also from Seattle-USA but will come visit soon! I have a good friend in Copenhagen.

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    Liz December 26, 2009

    hello! merry belated Christmas and congratulations on your soon-to-be baby! i’m sure she will be just as lovely and adorable as you are!

    anyways, i wanted to ask you about your shop and how you managed to open and run such a successful business so young? you seem so together and i’m just curious about what you went through to open your own shop. i’m starting to think that i would like to do something similar someday in the future, and you seem to have done it so well!! tell me your secrets!

    thank you! and again, merry christmas, congratulations, and best wishes in the new year!!


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      brinja January 2, 2010

      Liz: Hi there! Thank you very much for your sweet comment and sorry it has taken me so long to get back with an answer!
      It’s hard to give a simple answer on how I did this, but I guess a lot of help and encouragement from family and friends and then all this “hard work” doesn’t fell that hard when you love what you are doing.
      I think you just have to “jump into it” and take everything one thing at a time…

      Happy new year! And please let me know if you have questions!


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