Sail away with me. What will be. Will be…







  1. Reply
    Susi April 4, 2009

    påskeferie =)
    looks like you’re having a good time. and the weather sure is on your side =)

  2. Reply
    Rynke April 5, 2009

    This must have been a really nice trip! Where did you go by train?

  3. Reply
    atlantic treefox April 5, 2009

    ahh what a beautiful day! the sparkling water! sighh.

  4. Reply
    brinja April 5, 2009

    Susi: We are definitely having a good time!

    Rynke: We are visiting my dad and his wife on a Danish island called Samsø -They have this small country house there…
    The sun is shining and we are having a great time:)

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