Shop diary

I’ve had a really good monday.

My friend Lea has made these really cool graphic drawings that is being exhibited in my shop from today and for some time.

I’m pretty exitited about it and hope that the custumors is gonna like it as much as I do.

If you live in Copenhagen they are definitely worth a visit.


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    lea August 18, 2008

    hey we’re cross blogging/reffering, cool : ) i like the photo with the nails

  2. Reply
    lea August 18, 2008

    and thanks for letting me exhibit them in the shop!

  3. Reply
    brinja August 18, 2008

    Any time! Your drawings are so cool.

  4. Reply
    ne August 18, 2008

    i’ll show up for the opening reception!

  5. Reply
    Morten August 20, 2008

    I will be the anonymous buyer on the phone.

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    Grafik i Brinja « Brinja November 12, 2008

    […] 12, 2008 Remember the exhibition by Lea Bolvig I talked about a while ago? I just found this text about it in the local […]

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