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Snow, knitsweater and hot soup

Three things I like about winter…

I have had a lovely weekend  at my parents house on Samsø. ‘Granny O’ knitted the beautiful sweater for Vilja and I spend most weekend knitting a scarf that is not nearly done yet.


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    Jon @ binds you to me February 5, 2012

    Lovely! Love the wee snowflake sweater- Cute! Jo xx

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    Ína February 6, 2012

    Hi! I read your blog from time to time and when I saw this (http://pikkuvarpunen.blogspot.com/2011/12/varpun-joululahja.html) it reminded me of you miniature house. Hope you are good!

    • Reply
      brinja February 8, 2012

      Ína: HI you, thanks for the link. Very cool. I’m am good :) hope you are good too!

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    Irene February 6, 2012

    These are really three things to love. Yum, the soup looks delicious!

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    amanda jane jones February 6, 2012

    your soup looks delicious!

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    Lisa P. February 6, 2012

    The sweaters your Granny knits are amazing! I get jealous every time I see one! :) I suppose I could start knitting, but my sweaters tend to turn out huge. Oh, well! I can get inspiration from your Granny, anyway. ;) Thanks for sharing.

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    lins February 6, 2012

    beautiful sweater and soup!!

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    Sigga February 7, 2012

    Lækkre Vilja

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    Gracia February 14, 2012

    So much to love about the snuggliness of winter. Stay cosy and wrapped in wool, all of you.

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