Sofa time

I’m planning to spend as much time as possible curled up on my couch this weekend.



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    Morten January 23, 2009

    What will you do there? Read?

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    lisa January 23, 2009

    Found your blog through peapods. Lots of good photos and fun stuff on here! Enjoy your sofa time this weekend.

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    lina January 23, 2009

    pretty blanket!

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    brinja January 25, 2009

    Morten: Good question. My plan was to do nothing at all but I’m getting bored pretty quik. So I’m gonna read, write, think, eat, sleep and watch old episodes of “Frasier”.

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    brinja January 25, 2009

    Lisa + Lina: Thank you!

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    […] 25, 2009 After WAY to many of Anders’s cakes and lots of hours on the couch this Weekend, we decided to go for a long walk in a forrest near Copenhagen called […]

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